Wealth & Values Survey

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Since 2004, PNC Wealth Management has conducted a signature survey on the opinions and attitudes of America's wealthy. It has become a barometer not just of how the affluent spend their money but why and how they think. Below are the results of our current and past Wealth and Values Surveys.

What's On the Minds of America's Wealthy This Year


According to PNC's latest survey of American millionaires:

  • Source of Wealth Shifting: As the economy and stock market have improved, investments are increasing in share of wealth (63 percent, up from 51 percent in 2012).
  • Confidence Growing, but Concerns Remain: 85 percent feel they have a greater sense of control over their financial future (vs. 80 percent in 2014). But 55 percent are concerned with preserving their wealth.
  • Commitment to Charitable Giving on the Rise: Nearly all (97 percent) give in some way to charitable organizations. 3 in 4 expect to give the same amount this year as last year, while 18 percent expect to give more.
  • Financial Transparency Defines Millionaire Relationships: Nearly 6 in 10 fully disclosed their financial situations before they got married or started living with their partner. But 3 in 10 did not discuss finances at all.
  • Relationship Tensions Stem from Contribution Imbalance: While only 1 in 4 couples say they argue over money, those who do are more likely to be unequal contributors to the household finances and are less likely to have disclosed their finances before marriage or living together.